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The Transformation Exhibition

The Transformation exhibition explores the topic of change through wide reaching multidisciplinary approaches. Each response is unique and explores the theme from each artist’s or poet’s individual perspective providing a fascinating journey for the viewer as they are taken through landscapes, personal change, natural phenomenon  and repurposing of objects. This varied exhibition brings colour, drama and opportunity for reflection through the visitor’s interaction with its written, visual and auditory stimuli.


The idea for the theme of Transformation came from The Orangery itself. It was through learning about The Orangery’s history and transformation from a glass house where the Chetwynd-Talbots and Earls of Shrewsbury grew exotic fruit and plants within the grounds of Ingestre Hall to the beautifully renovated event space it is today. Taking this idea further we were presented with the challenge of in what other forms did transformation take place.

Our world is in a constant state of change and this has never been so dramatically highlighted than through the series of lockdowns that we are experiencing currently. We are learning to adapt to constant change and the impact it has on our daily lives and on ourselves. This was considered and answered through the responses to the Transformation project from both poets and visual artists.

The Transformation group members were free to interpret the theme however they wished and through discussion the topics within the theme were extended from landscape to personal journeys, the natural world, use of raw materials and repurposing of objects.

Will you, the viewer, be transformed with a walk through this exhibition?

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