Three Little Birds Support The Wildlife Trusts

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Three Little Birds is a collaboration of three like-minded business owners who have pooled their talents to create 3LB merchandise. All money raised will be donated to The Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and the Black Country. The three collaborators are Susan Joyce from Little Green Pigeon, Lisa Johnston from Red Bucket Projects and Lisa Millard from Soy Oi.

Susan Joyce has been a Bird rehabilitator for 10 years and takes in hundreds of birds each year, many of whom stay and live out their happy lives in the sanctuary in Staffordshire. 

Lisa Millard is co-owner of vegan food brand Soy Oi, catering events with delicious vegan food as well as delivering sweet treats straight to your door or as a gift to loved ones in completely eco-friendly packaging.

The idea for 3LB, stemmed from a project devised by Lisa Johnston titled “The Day The Animals Spoke” created for Soy Oi. This project is featured on their website's community page.

This project pooled the talents of each 3LB member to produce eco friendly, ethically produced and just beautiful products to raise much needed funds for TWT. All of the poems featured in the project are the work of Lisa Johnston, all of the artwork is provided by Lisa Millard and all of the digitalisation to combine the work are the result of Susan Joyce’s talents. 

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