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The Orangery Audio Trail

What would be even more fantastic than reading nature inspired poetry in the beautiful grounds of The Orangery? 

Hearing the poets themselves read their poetry to you as you take in the view. Come along to The Orangery and relax as you sit and listen to some fabulous poetry in this stunning heritage site.


We enlisted the help of Y Dewin Du to create birch plaques that are totally environmentally friendly to bring poetry to this heritage site. Each plaque features the signature orange tree image for The Orangery burnt into the birch using laser pyrography so that they blend in naturally with the beautiful gardens at The Orangery.


You will find them located along the woodland walk starting with the first plaque featuring a poem by Janet Jenkins, “Walking into an ever changing garden” describing the grounds of The Orangery.


When you continue along the path and you will discover more poems hung from trees and benches that you can have read to you by the poet themselves by scanning the QR code on each plaque using your phone camera or scanning app. The trail features Liz Shaw, Dale Parnell, Susan Wood, Louise Kelly, Phil Barnett, David Calcutt, Lisa Johnston, Sarah Dale, Christine Harding and Lisa Millard.


A booklet of all the poems is also available to borrow whilst on the grounds.

If you would like your own copy of the booklet or have any questions about the trail please email us at we’d love to hear from you.

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