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Micro Poems with Roar Juice

Red Bucket Projects linked up with Roar Juice to add a little happiness and brightness into their customers day by adding micro poems to their food labeling that people could read whilst enjoying Roar Juice products. A little nourishment for the mind as well as the body. We had a great time working with local poets to get a good variety of poems for Roar Juice customers. We got this wonderful feedback from Roar Juice about the project.

Roar Juice collaborated with Red Bucket Projects by attaching small and wonderful poems onto our labels tied to our smoothie/juice bottles. Red Bucket Projects reached out to us in regards to this lovely idea. Within days we had so many incredible poems printed and dropped off to the shop. It was such a great idea and the customers absolutely loved it. Something to brighten up a persons day. Thank you so much for working with us and hope to work together in the near future.

Kindest regards,

The Roar Juice team xx

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